Meet the Cast:

Russ CropRuss Carroll: Russ has been performing under the direction of Rob Billings since 2006, including such groups as Oracle and Opus X winterguards and the Rob Billings Performance Ensemble.  Russ has worked with numerous Jefferson County schools since 2001 by teaching colorguard and dance in addition to show design and choreography.

Becky cropBecca Cassidy: Becca has been performing under the direction of Rob Billings since 2004, including Oracle and Opus X winterguards.  Prior to that, Becca was a member of the Pomona High School Winterguard, Jinx Winterguard and the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps.  She is currently pursuing a Master of Architecture at CU Denver and enjoys dancing with Oracle Performance Ensemble as a break from school.

Emily Crop2Emily Fowler: Emily has been performing in the winterguard and dance community since 1998.  She continues to train with the world renowned Eric Fowler in the delicate art of the Macarena as well as the Hokey-Pokey.  Her hobbies include tooting her own horn, owling and creating fake languages.  Thank you for being here to support Oracle and the arts!

Barb cropBarb Jensen: Barb has participated in her high school colorguard, performed with Independent World Winterguards, taught movement at various schools throughout the Denver area, and has performed under the direction of Rob Billings as a dance company member.  Barb holds a Bachelors degree in Physiology from the University of CO Boulder and a Bachelors in Nursing from Regis University.  She currently works as a Registered Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Denver.

KatKat Kumlin: Kat has been performing in colorguard circuits since 1994 and has worked under the direction of Rob Billings since 2000, when she was a member of the Blue Knights Drum Corps and Oracle Winterguard.  She holds a B.S. in Psychology and a minor in dance from Arizona State University.  When she is not performing, she enjoys classical meowing, working as an administrative assistant, and teaching group exercise classes at her local gym.  Kat would like to thank everyone for coming and supporting Oracle!

Katie La cropKatie LaLiberte: Katie has been participating in colorguard activities since 2000 and has had the privilege to perform for the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps, Oracle Winterguard, and Opus X.  Currently, Katie teaches colorguard and dance at Pomona and Chatfield high schools.  She is very excited to be performing with the Oracle Performance Ensemble!

Ronnie CropRon Marshall: Ronnie has been performing under the direction of Robbie Billings since 2006.  Prior to that, Ron performed and danced with several elite groups such as Opus X Winterguard, Jinx Winterguard and the Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps.  Ronnie enjoys working at Great-West Life Insurance Co. during the week, but also enjoys his new involvement with Oracle Performance Ensemble.  Ron would like to thank everyone for their support.

Amy Crop 2Amy Morrill: Amy started performing under the direction of Rob Billings in 2001 through Winter Guard (Oracle and Opus X) and the Rob Billings Performance Ensemble.  She currently teaches Elementary Music in the Adams 12 School District. When she is not dancing or teaching she’s busy taking care of her 1 year old son, Ethan.  Amy would like to thank her family for all of their support and countless hours of babysitting.

Sabrena cropSabrena Sievering: Sabrena has been performing under the direction of Rob Billings since 2002.  She has been teaching colorguard in Colorado for 10 years and is now proud to teach The Phoenix Winterguard.  In her spare time, Sabrena enjoys decorating her new home in Boulder with her boyfriend.  She would like to thank Troy for being so loving and supportive throughout her endless endeavors.

Justin CropJustin Sparks: Justin has been involved in colorguard/dance for the past ten years.  He has had the opportunity to work with many amazing people including shaolin monks, llama wranglers, and paranormal investigators.  He would like to thank his Mother and his “In-Las” for their support all these years.  To everyone else he would like to say, “San Demas High School Football rules!!!”

Meet the Creative Minds:

Robbie CropRob Billings, Artistic Director & Choreographer: Rob studied music performance and dance at the University of Wyoming and the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He marched drum corps as a horn player and later a colorguard member with the Troopers and Madison Scouts.  Rob has been an active designer, teacher, and choreographer for the last 25 years in the pageantry arts throughout the United States & Canada.  He is the founder and Artistic Director for Oracle and Opus X Winterguards and spends his summers assisting the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps.

MichaelMichael Richman, Choreographer: Michael Richman recently graduated with his BFA in dance from the University of Colorado, Boulder.  He hails from Omaha, Nebraska where he began studying dance with such teachers as Lisa Fusillo, Sara Semonis, Lynn Nevin and Kelly Holcombe.  Since then, Michael has had the opportunity to work with many great choreographers and teachers such as Ruth Davidson-Hahn & Co., Dance Consort with Carol Mezza Cappa, The Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps, Oracle Winterguard, David Taylor, Hannah Kahn, Fragments of Divine, David Capps, Sean Curran, Toby Hankin and Gabe Masson.  In addition to dancing, Michael is a freelance video artist creating original Dance for Camera works in addition to commercial video editing and videography.  His work has been screened at the Sans Souci International Festival of Dance Cinema, 2nd Law: Entropy Increases, and in San Jose, Costa Rica in conjunction with The Promising Artists of the 21st Century Residency.  Additionally, Michael instructs and choreographs for the Blue Knights Drum & Bugle Corps and OpusX Winterguard in Denver.

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